Fair Trade Fashion Our Story…


Fair Trade Fashion is now becoming more popular but there is still a lack of affordable, accessible Fair Trade Fashion.

Love Fair and Ethical is a business that looks at the bigger picture, we didn’t want to be another money minded profit focused start-up but to try to make a real difference to the world, our environment and the people that live in it.

We wanted original products with a real story behind them, the sort you wouldn’t find on the high-street. So we developed the idea to source products from suppliers around the world supporting key fair trade projects whilst also considering recycling and sustainability and how as a business we could make a small difference. All our items are made sustainbly and with a conscious thought for the environment, many of the products we select and sell are made from recycled items.

The projects we support provide artisans with a fair wage, safe working conditions, access to education for children, medical/health care, HIV awareness education, opportunities to develop key skills, social opportunities and the chance to escape exploitation and poverty.

We also want to support local crafters/creators who create original handmade jewellery, if you would like to find out more please contact us directly.

Lastly, we hope to encourage people to think about the environment and the products they buy and where they source them from, Fair trade is a market which is developing at a rapid rate and products are readily available to the consumer.

“At Love Fair and Ethical we want to give the customer the chance to buy handmade original items, whilst supporting fair trade projects across the world. Being fashion conscious and aware allows the customer to buy safe in the knowledge their items have been sourced responsibly.”


Fair trade Fashion is about better prices, decent working conditions and fair terms of trade. With Fair trade accessories you know your products have been sourced ethically and fairly.

Buying fair trade means workers get a better deal, they get a fair wage and work in safe conditions having the security of a fair trade agreement allows them to support themselves and their families. It also promotes sustainable development by offering better trading conditions and secures the rights of marginalized producers and workers in developing countries.

It’s about supporting the development of working communities allowing them more control over their futures and teaching them to protect the environment in which they live and work.

Fair trade was created as an alternative way of doing trade. It is based on partnership, which means that the interests of workers are just as important as other commercial considerations. It also represents one solution to poverty and a model for development.


Trading practices are fair and not one-sided.
Prices paid are fair and sufficient for producers and workers to earn more than enough to merely meet their day-to-day needs.
Payments are often made in advance to ensure the supplier can fulfill orders.
Producers and workers have a voice, whether organised into groups or involved in workplaces where there is freedom of association.
Safe working conditions, non-discrimination and welfare of children.